Monday, May 19, 2008

Cael and Micah's conversation yesterday

Yesterday, I had to put the boys in seperate corners for being mean to each other. Micah had bitten Cael and Cael had yelled at him for know, normal sibling yuck. After they had been in time out for four or so minutes, I let them out and made them hug and apologize. Cael held on to Micah's little hands for a minute and looked him deeply in the eyes. This was their conversation:
Cael - "Micah, when we're older, can we live in a house together?"
Micah - "Yes, Cael."
Cael - "If you want to, we can take our car that we buy together out to visit girls, and ask them to marry us. We'll ask them also if they know Jesus. (I find this funny that his plan includes asking them if they know Jesus AFTER he proposes)
Micah - "Okay."
Cael - "I'll be 25 and you will be that okay?"
Micah - "Sure, Cael."

Thought it was too cute not to pass on. Plus, I've been getting some threats from friends about not posting a new blog....