Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Why I'm here...

I struggle sometimes throughout the day, wondering if I'm doing enough with my children to make them kind, loving, serving little men of God. It's tough "doing" school with Cael while two other little guys run around. I'm surprised that He learns anything some days with the amount of noise and distractions going on in this house. I'm constantly reminding myself of my own attitude adjustments as I adjust those of the boys in this house to a more respectful and edifying manner. I just wonder what comes through...what are they learning during school and daily life?

Today, while actually sitting down (that rarely happens) to eat lunch with my little guys, I looked across the table at all three of them. It was quiet. Tate was stuffing his mouth with turkey and way too much cheese. Micah was making sure his peanut butter and jelly sandwich was fully crustless. Cael was surveying all of their drink choices. I watched them all quietly without picking up my sandwich. Conversations began between them, and I noticed that Micah was asking with "please" and "thank you" for Cael to pass the chips and napkins. Cael was making sweet faces to Tate while he chewed his cheese. Cael then quietly held out his hand to Tate's already outstretched tiny hand to pray before he took his first bite. He waited for me to bow my head and he led us in earnestly thanking Jesus for our food, our day, our toys and our family.

It was such a simple quiet few moments, and a simple prayer, but I enjoyed it thoroughly, and was reminded why I'm here...why God has me doing what I'm doing. It's more than a school day. It's more than daily chores, meals, rules and manners. I'm raising my boys for the glory of teach them the True Meaning of Life and Love and Happiness. I love having them near me and with each other. Such an enormous job this is - but how beautiful the little reminders are on the journey.

Praise be to God!