Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lonely...I think

My two oldest boys and David just left for a trip to my MIL's house in middle TN. They go every once in a while and do "work days" at her house. She is a widow and loves getting odd jobs around the house done, and of course, the company of her son and grandsons.
They all look forward to a "men's" weekend when they go, and I look forward to time alone to catch up on housework or organizing books or reading...but maybe too much. It's funny, really. They just left about 20 minutes ago. I've walked around the house and straightened it up of all the toys and such left out, and I've done a load of laundry...and now I just don't know what to do with myself. It's waaaaay too quiet. I just might go insane without the noise of my little boys. Tate will be up soon. Heck - I might just go and wake him...
I'm terrible! I don't know what I'm going to do for two and a half more days...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Cael's Star Wars obsession

Cael has recently gotten into Star Wars with David. They started off building Lego Star Wars sets, then last week started the movies. I didn't like this very much, because of the violence. I honestly thought he wouldn't be able to handle it, and that he would forget about Star Wars altogether, but it's not worked out that way. I guess there are worse things in life to get upset about, huh?
So, we've made masks and costumes for them, and last weekend, even bought the boys light sabers to battle with. Cael is "Caleb Skywalker" and Micah is "Stormtrooper Michael." His imagination is wonderful!
Yesterday, we were outside playing Star Wars. He was continuously changing our characters. I would be "Princess Leah" one minute then change suddenly to R2D2, and then legless C3PO. He kept shouting out Star-Warsy sounding phrases and swinging his light saber around like a mad man. At one point, he said, "Darth Vader - I'll have my lawyer invade your ship if you aren't careful!" Then, a few seconds later, I heard him yell, "You will never cut off my comical arm!!"... I'm pretty sure he meant "mechanical"...not sure what "lawyer" was supposed to be.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What's in a name...or in Micah's nose...

My sweet husband and I have been able to convince our funny two year old that there are bunnies in his nose. Not for entertainment, however. For some reason, he allows us to get "bunnies" out of his nose, rather than boogers. He's had a minor cold the past few days, and today we upgraded the name of his boogers to giraffes. The bigger, nastier boogers are now called dragons and the really yuck ones are appropriately tagged fire-breathing dragons.
Tell him you're getting boogers out of his nose and he runs, screaming. Ask him if you can chase his bunnies or dragons and he welcomes the cleaning.

I am quite obsessed with my boys' noses and ears. I clean them constantly - but that's a "whole nother" blog!

First Blog...what the heck is a blog?

Who created that term? Anyway, I was just reading a friend's blog this morning that she sent me the link for, and wondered why in tarnation I don't have one of these things. Now I do! HA! Chasity, this one's for you - you queen of makin' up crazy non-words that make me laugh. You are hankin', hairy awesome!