Saturday, October 18, 2008


Apparently, we’ve forgotten to teach something rather substantial on our seven-year road of parenting…

Where to put boogers.

Tonight, as David and I were putting the boys in bed, just before devotionals, David spied something on the wall outside of the bathroom. As he got closer, he realized, without having to ask Cael, that it was in fact a large booger smeared on the wall. He did ask Cael, who immediately broke into tears…confirming David’s question.
David cleaned the wall as we talked to him about why he would put a booger on the wall in the first place. Our conversation:
David: “Cael, why did you put a booger on the wall?”
Cael: “I don’t know…I guess I didn’t know where else to put it.”
Mom: “The bathroom is right there.”
Cael: “I know, but sometimes I’m…not…near…the bathroom”
David: “Have you put them other places?”
(Both of us chuckling at this point)
Cael: “Yeeeeeesssss….(boo-hooing)
Both of us: “Where else?”
Cael: “In the car, all over my carseat…”
David (only because I was laughing so hard…): Why would you do that?
Cael: “I don’t know…there’s not a bathroom in the car…”

We told Cael he was going to have to clean his car seat tomorrow after church, but that it was late and he needed to go to bed. As we knelt to pray next to the bed, however, I ran my hand across a crusty mess of at least four boogers on the side of his bed. Gross! Cael immediately started crying again.

Mom: “Cael, why would you put a booger on the side of your bed?”
Cael: “Cause there wasn’t any more room on the other side…”

David and I are still chuckling over this one. Tomorrow, we plan on checking the whole house. Under chairs and tables, on the walls…everywhere. Cael will be right behind us with cleaning supplies and a sponge.


mel said...

Sooo funny! I did post a link on my blog to this story. It is so amazingly gross and awesome at the same time!

Pomegranates and Fingerpaint said...

Oh man, Ginger. That was the best story!! I laughed so hard my eyes are still slits. :)

N. has the same house-keeping tendancies as his little friends, it seems. He still won't wipe (It's the brainy ones you have to watch about these little details ... ;), and just changes his underwear and chunks them behind the bedroom door - along with used bandaids or whatever, boogers. Boys!

I hope you guys are well. It is terrific to see another post. It's like opening up the window and saying howdy. I love you guys!

Bethany said...

I gave you a link, too! This story is too good to be kept quiet!

lauren said...

I'm laughing so hard . . . fantastic story. :o) Cael is just too cool.

Michael Thompson said...

Oh my that was sooo funny, thanks for having a sense of humor about it and passing the chuckles on to others!